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Let’s Discuss Hunting A forum was just added to  That’s the website we built to discuss hunting with family and friends.  If you get a minute, please go to or go to and click on the Hunting Forum link on the top of page. I would like to invite you to use the forum to […] More...
Manage Deer on a Private Lease – The Hit List Introduction to Whitetail Management on a Private Lease  if I don’t take it someone else will, right? My good friend and hunting partner introduced me to private lease deer management last year.  I never thought of deer management as part of the hunting practices for public or private leases.  Deer management is for high fence […] More...
How to Build A Deer Stand – Plans Included This post explains how to build a deer stand and provides the deer stand plans in Sketchup format.  This 5×6 deer stand provides plenty of legroom and is big enough for two adult hunters.  Required tools for building this deer stand are included as well as the bill of materials. Here is a Sketchup drawing […] More...
Thursday, 01 August, 2013 20:49

DIY Hunt

Dogs and Ducks

Molly waiting on the drop

I’ve always wanted to do it myself.  Just wanted to figure it all out and get that sense of accomplishment.  DIY Hunt is here to provide the place we can share hunting tips, season progressions, wildlife management, construction projects and any and all things that we do it (y)ourselves.  Kick back and read some stuff.  Maybe it’ll be helpful or at least interesting…


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Feb 20, 2014
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I am building you DIY blind. But now I need the window build. Where can I find this? Thanks.

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Jul 22, 2014
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Todd Ingram

Nick, sorry man… you asked this question in Feb and I never responded. It got lost in space. I never finished the windows. Actually, I sold that blind for $600 without windows.

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